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Who we are, or rather who I am ....

Hello everyone,
my name is Matteo and I'm the owner of Chalet Matteo.
I'm a sportsman and I have dedicated my entire life to sport, first at the competitive level and now as istructor.

I come from a family devoted to tourism and with a great experience in the hotel sector; in 2002 I started my own activity in the same field  with Chalet Matteo.

Chalet Matteo is located a typical house of Livigno: a main building with adjoining barn.

The structure has been fully renovated to make it modern set within an historical structure.

In the last 17 years, Chalet Matteo has built a reputation with families, who can leave children go and come back from ski slopes without the supervision of an adult as no roads are to be crossed and tourists alike for its enviable location and easy access to San Rocco slopes and its position in the heart of Livigno second centre "San Rocco" known for its quietness and richness in facilities (from supermarkets to restaurants).   
I started my adventure 13 years and I'm very proud also thanks to my customers that every year facility and all I'm offering them.
A variety of excellent restaurants and stores for shopping are located in the immediate vicinity of the house.
I am committed to a continue improvment of Chalet Matteo and I am proud to offer a friendly environment ot each and every one of my distinguished guest. Many returning costumers are the proof of my personal willingness to develop a strong relationshipwith my guest based on trust and mutual respect.

I do look forward to meeting all of you in Livigno and at Chalet Matteo for a pleasant and unforgettable time togheter.


                                                                                                                                                       MATTEO LUCHINA

Matteo Luchina

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